Look Lane is a brand new online shopping destination that gives designer-makers and their customers a venue as beautiful as the products they love.

Frustrated by identikit platforms that didn’t allow any creativity or uniqueness for makers to stamp their individuality on their shops, Debbie – founder/designer from indie brand Duck & Duffel – decided to launch a shopping platform that met the needs of both buyers and creators.

All the Look Lane team love shopping in cool markets, browsing beautiful things in incredible stores like Liberty or mooching through the lanes in Brighton where you can shop across brands and discover amazing new products without initially really knowing what you are looking for. What we wanted to do with Look Lane was to go some way towards replicating that shopping experience, as you browse and discover shops and products. A place where beautiful must-have items are glimpsed through the windows of shopfronts as unique as their creators. We wanted to make an online world for all things authentic and hand-made.

Whilst having all the search functionality you would expect of online shopping platforms, Look Lane has a unique interactive map and scrolling streetscape which allows makers to display their brand and express their individuality, while buyers can choose to enter a shop purely because they like the look of it from outside.

Look Lane is a curated treasure trove of gifts, indulgences and works of art. Shopping for hand-made, art and indie fashion online is an experience again!

Real things, real people, an unreal place.
Welcome to Look Lane!