Just a card – Indie week!

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We are all about shopping independent as you know, so we are really excited about the Just a card indie week campaign…which happens to fall the same week as black friday, no coincidence there I tell you!

They are hosting a week of fun over on Instagram with a chance for independent businesses and designers to tell us a bit about themselves and and remind everyone why we should be shopping independent this Christmas.

There is a prompt a day and everyone is encouraged to share their own stories, promote themselves, promote other indie businesses they love and generally get everyone excited and passionate about supporting local and independent businesses. It’s tough out there and every sale counts especially when we are competing with the big chains and particularly in a week when they will all be offering massive discounts on their mass produced products.

So head over to Instagram and follow the hashtag #justacard to find out more about some incredible designers and small businesses that give all the big retailers a run for their money in terms of passion, heart and soul and talent and spread the word that small is best!