Meet Sophie from Shutter Jewellery!

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Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your brand Sophie!


LL: What inspired you to start your brand?

S: A love of photography, design and wanting to create something a little different. I’d been a fan of so many other small independent brands and I wanted to do what they were doing!

LL: How did you come up with your brand name?

S: It needed to be something that explained what I was doing very simply. I went through all sorts of photography terms and it was ‘Shutter’ that seemed to fit best.

LL: What is your design process?

S: The first thing I do is go out with my camera and look for the images to use within a new range. I look for things that will look good on a small scale – thing with strong shape pattern and colour. I then look at them in more detail on the computer, play around with sizes etc. This part is very much trial and error!

I like to keep the jewellery design part fairly simple so the image is the main focus of each piece. I do, however, sometimes have an idea for a new style of jewellery piece and may have a number of different images as possibilities to use within it. I’m always scribbling away ideas in notebooks.

LL: Where do you work from?

S: I have a room at home in Walton on Thames that I’ve converted into a little studio space. I have a pet snake and baby monitor lizard in there to keep me company. As you do.

LL: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

S: I think when you have a creative job, you don’t switch off and I’m always looking around me for things that might be relevant or making a mental note to come back to a place with my camera.
I’ve made pieces based on hummingbirds and others featuring telephone boxes so I really find inspiration in all sorts of places.


LL: What advice would you give to any designer-makers just starting out?

S: Experiment lots, don’t get too fixed on one idea and allow your products to evolve. Also, listen to your customers. It’s unlikely the first thing you make will be a bestseller and often the pieces you weren’t so sure about will be your biggest hits! The work I’m making now is so different to the work I started out making but sometimes you’ve got to let an idea go that isn’t working and try other things.

LL: What is your studio playlist?!

S: Last year I pretty much played The Last Shadow Puppets ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’ on repeat so I’m trying to give it a little rest for a while! I listen to the radio sometimes, or I like Richard Herring and Adam Buxton’s podcasts. I rarely have time to read so I’ve recently started getting into listening to audiobooks which allows me to tick of my ‘to read’ list while I make.

LL: What is your favourite social media platform?

S: I love Instagram. It’s great for creative businesses as it’s all about the visual. It is a huge time waster though!

LL: Who are your favourite designer-makers?

S: There are so many. I try and shop from other small makers whenever I need something (and quite often when I don’t!)
I love Richardson and Richardson and Rock Cakes for jewellery. I love Birds in Hats illustrations and Katie Abey’s puns. I also have a big thing for quirky fabrics and admire so many brands who make them into beautiful clothing as I am terrible at sewing!

LL: What are your plans for the future of your brand?

S: To find new subjects to photograph and expand my jewellery making skills so I can use some different processes and techniques. It’s nice to have plans but also I quite like not knowing where things might take me!


You can shop for Sophie’s beautiful work here on Look Lane!