Tips for sizing shop logos

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Hello lovely shop owners!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Rob, Head of Pedantry here at Look Lane. Usually the rest of the team keep me away from the blog, but I have no idea why… Now, while Look Lane is all about individualism and creative fun, I believe that the best way to enjoy fun and creativity is by adhering to RULES.

Without further ado, here are some tips and useful images to help you size your shop logos perfectly for use in the Shopfront Creator. In future, when we release new elements we will gift you all with some new guidelines to follow. Remember, RULES are FUN.

There are a set of white ‘perspex’ panel signs you can choose. Check out the sizes below. FYI, ‘px’ stands for ‘pixels’. Pixels are tiny elvish creatures who live inside computer screens and bunch together in brightly lit clusters of varying hue to create the images you see. Each pixel measures approximately one ‘smidgen’ in width, and while these numbers give a guideline for maximum desirable size, you don’t need to stick to them precisely.


Of course, you can also place logos straight onto the walls. In this instance I’d advise using a PNG file with a transparent background. A great example is here. Rachel has also added extra stuff around her main logo to make a really cool banner.

Some useful and informative images below!

As a general rule, this first size is your best bet. Stay within these dimensions and your logo will fit nicely with pretty much any layout.

I hope this helps! We’ve been overwhelmed by the creativity our vendors have shown with their shop fronts. In these homogenised times our mission is to champion the individualism and uniqueness of all the fantastic makers on the Lane; the fun you all seem to be having with the creator is a joy to behold.

And always remember, RULES are FUN. I have no idea why I’m not let on here more often…