Why it’s important to support indie businesses

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The Just A Card campaign was started by artist Sarah Hamilton just over 3 years ago in response to a quote she read from a gallery owner who had recently been forced to close: “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open”. This struck a chord with Sarah a small business owner herself, who also makes cards and supplies independent shops and galleries.

The aim of Just A Card is to encourage people to appreciate just how vital every single purchase is to a small business; be it just a card, just a pen, just a mug or whatever small item that person produces. The little things add up and can often make the difference between a business staying open or closing for good.

The campaign had grown enormously over the past year and is now supported by a team of 10 volunteers from across the UK. Just A Card have recently produced window stickers for independent shops to display, explaining the campaign to their customers, along with pin badges which supporters can wear to help start conversations.

Back in June, Sarah Hamilton and the Just A Card campaign team held their first Just A Card Week with the aim of spreading the campaign’s message to a wider audience. The week included an amazing giveaway with prizes from The Design Trust, Makelight, Jehane Boden-Spiers and Sarah Hamilton herself, together with a daily Instagram hashtag challenge (featuring some fantastic “happy dances” from campaign supporters!) together with daily social media tutorial films produced by Makelight’s Emily Quinton.

During Just A Card week the campaign saw it’s reach on Instagram increase by several thousand followers. This combined with the newly launched Just A Card shop window stickers and enamel pins, is helping to bring the aims of the campaign to the attention of the general public.  The team hope this will ultimately alter people’s shopping habits and perceptions of independent shops and small businesses.

To find out more and lend your support to Just A Card visit http://www.justacard.org – also visit the site to find out how to get hold of your shop window stickers and pins.