Seller FAQs

What are the benefits of signing up to sell with Look Lane?

  • You get to sell your products in a beautiful, creative and inspiring setting full of other like-minded creatives.
  • Safe and secure payments!
  • A package to suit every-one from start-ups to more seasoned designer-makers which you can change at any time
  • Areas within Look Lane to promote your products to potential customers
  • Full marketing support with adverts in crafting press and national press coverage to drive traffic
  • A fresh new way of selling with customisable shop fronts to really make your brand stand out
  • Curated marketplace
  • Optimised SEO

What can I sell on Look Lane?

We want to promote the amazing handmade community and all the talented designer- makers so your items must have an element of handmade, but, can be made for you by a member of your team or a small scale manufacturer based on an original design by you. See our handmade policy.

How do I sign up

Signing up with Look Lane is easy! Simply follow the registration process which involves setting up an email address and password linked to your account, then once we have approved your application you can get on with setting up your profile page and designing a bespoke shop front in our shop creator! Once you’ve been approved, visit the tiers page and choose the package that will best suit your needs. Click through on the link to sign up for the package and follow the instructions for setting up your payment details. You can see the available packages before having to register here, but you won’t be able to choose one until your shop has been approved.

I’ve submitted my shop for approval but have been told I’ve not been accepted?

We are very keen to make sure that we are showcasing the very best designer-makers from around the world and that everyone’s shops reflect the high standard of work from all our designers so if your shop application is not successful it’s probably something simple like the quality of your product photos. Your products need to be represented in a professional but creative way, why not visit to get some ideas on the sort of photographs that work well, she offers really competitive rates too.

How do I become a featured seller on the home page?

Featured sellers are chosen at the discretion of the Look Lane team. We are looking for talented individuals with really stand out products which reflect the standard of work we like to promote. A cohesive product range, brilliant photography and a great story behind the brand always helps.

How do I get my shop and items on the homepage?

It’s a similar process to the ‘featured seller’ process above. We curate every item based on how much we love it and how much we think our shoppers will love it! We will be opening some spots up for advertising in the near future which you will be able to apply for.

Do you offer any advertising promotional packages?

At launch we are choosing our advertisers and they will receive free promotion until we have some good figures and data behind us. We don’t feel we can charge for advertising at launch, we want this to be a collaboration between our designers and us for the first few months and then once we can demonstrate some ROI and figure out which spots are the most popular we will be opening up the advertising to everyone!

How will you be promoting Look Lane?

We run Google shopping Ads which are driving most of our traffic plus Facebook and You Tube advertising. We ran a series of advertorials with Mollie Makes at launch and are continuously posting on social media and tagging as many products as we can! Please help us to help you by tagging us in your posts using @look_lane and or #looklane that way we can cross promote and help people find us and all your incredible products!

How can I help to generate sales in my shop?

  • Great photography
  • Detailed descriptions with lots of key words – try and think about what a seller would type in when looking for a product and keep it appealing for buyers. (this also helps with search engine optimisation)
  • Make sure you are also posting your items on social media and tagging us @look_lane/ #looklane

I’m setting up my shop but have run into technical difficulties – who do I contact?

email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!