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Kirandeep Bassan is a print design studio based in the UK, specialising in homeware, stationery and fashion accessories which are designed, printed and packaged in the UK.
Each print is designed in-house using acrylics, inks and collage then digitalised.
After graduating Kirandeep began to create striking prints, bold shapes with a emphasis on colour to create beautiful fashion and home accessories. Designing wearable art pieces as well as statement wall art which have a hand painted feel creating colourful, textured and interesting patterns.
Inspiration gathered from love of travel creating colourful, textured, layered designs. Abstract interesting patterns designed to create unique prints.

Scarves and Pocket Squares are digitally printed on 100% silk and homeware hand painted to create unique pieces.


Colourful fashion and homeware accessories designed my Kirandeep Bassan.

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