Swansea, United Kingdom (UK)


Hello and Welcome to Nia Tudor Illustration.
Nia Tudor is a freelance illustrator who works from her small home studio on the welsh coast. She uses a range of mediums which include watercolour paints, digital painting, pencil, gouache and ink to create beautiful and unique illustrations and prints.
Nia’s interest in art and design sparked during her time in comprehensive school where she studied and experimented with a variety of mediums. From school, she went on to study a fine art foundation course in university where she furthered her learning of new skills and techniques. She is continuously working to develop her skills as an artist.
Nia’s inspiration comes from the simplicity found in the mind of a child, children's stories and illustrations; a passion she shares with her husband and son.
She hopes you enjoys her portraits and illustrations as much as she enjoys creating them.


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Nia Tudor Illustration